What we do

Care & Custody, one of the divisions within Mitie, was established in 2009 as a start-up business. We’re proud to deliver specialist public services in partnership with the Home Office, Police, Ministry of Justice and NHS England.

We Serve. We build. We Protect. We deliver the exceptional, every day.

Naturally, as a people business, the people we employ are central to our success. We’ve established a highly experienced, dynamic team, with a reputation for quality and sustainable service delivery.

We’re invested in delivering services within our chosen public service markets and are delighted to be a leading provider in the sector, helping our clients to operate more efficiently, driving positive outcomes for all stakeholders, and delivering value.

Together, we are making a difference, one person at a time.


One of the leading providers of outsourced public services in the UK

As a private sector company delivering a range of critical public services to some of the most vulnerable people in our society, everything we do is driven by making sure our services are ethical and safe, and those in our care are treated with dignity and respect.

We have an enviable record of growth and we’re continuing to expand our services into new areas across the UK.



  • Believe public services should drive positive outcomes for citizens, as well as best value.
  • Work closely with those in our care to ensure they are kept safe and treated with respect and dignity.
  • Are the largest provider of immigration removal centre management and operations and secure escorting services (in-country and overseas) for the Home Office, caring for over 13,000 detainees.
  • Deliver prison facilities management services for the Ministry of Justice and secure health services to over 60 police custody suites across England and Wales.
  • Are a market leader in our core markets (immigration detention and forensic medical examination).
  • Have a highly experienced, successful senior team that is unrivalled in the sector.
  • Have an outstanding reputation for service delivery with our core client base.
  • Have a great brand in a market with very few credible competitors.


A message from our Managing Director, Danny Spencer:

We believe public services should drive positive outcomes for citizens, as well as best value. Our people work closely with those in our care to ensure they are kept safe and treated with respect and dignity.

We have high expectations of our employees and we will be demanding. We expect everyone to adhere to our professional standards, those of any professional body you may belong to and all the regulatory standards that apply to our services. In return we will offer you a great place to work, an environment to learn and develop and a chance to change the lives of the people we care for.

My role is about delivering a professional work environment for you, meeting the high expectations of our public sector commissioners and the needs of the people we care for, creating great career opportunities and listening.

Together, we can make a difference, one person at a time.


Transforming public services

We deliver a range of care and custodial services for the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, NHS England and Police bringing private sector innovation to critical public services deliver. Click below to find out more about our core divisions:

Immigration Services

We are the largest provider of immigration removal centre management and operations and secure escorting services (in-country and overseas) for the Home Office, caring for over 13,000 detainees.

We are specialists in the delivery of custodial services. A strategic partner to the Home Office, we support them in their work to effectively manage the immigration detention estate and flows of detainees in and out of the country, whilst upholding the welfare of those in our care at all times.

We provide secure escorting services throughout the UK and overseas. This involves securely escorting detainees around the immigration estate and back to their home countries of origin on scheduled and charter flights.

We also manage holding rooms and short-term holding facilities at multiple air/sea ports and reporting centres throughout the UK, working closely with Border Force.

Escorting Services

Care & Custody have managed the Escorting Services contract on behalf of the Home Office since May 2018 delivering two key services:

  • In Country Escorting (ICE): We collect and securely transport detainees from land and sea-based ports, Immigration Enforcement Reporting Centres (IRCs), holding rooms and police stations across the UK. We also transfer detainees between all IRCs and take them to court.
  • Overseas Escorting (OSE): We collect detainees from IRCs and escort back to their country of origin on either scheduled or chartered flights - this includes several ‘high risk’ destinations.

Physically, we manage a total of 26 holding rooms (three of which are based in France) and two separate control rooms – one for OSE and one for ICE. We also manage two residential short-term holding facilities, one in Manchester and the other in Larne, Northern Ireland.

We work with a large number of stakeholders including the Home Office, Border Force, police forces, HMCTS (courts) and all major airlines. We also liaise with prisons and IRCs as required. Considerable time and effort goes into the planning and co-ordination of transfers and removals, so we have a dedicated Operational Control Centre (OCC) in Northern Ireland for all ICE related moves and a separate OCC in Gatwick for all overseas removals.

Immigration Removal Centres

Working across three of the UK’s immigration removal centres, Care & Custody are responsible for delivering the end-to-end management of all detainees needs until the outcome of their case is decided by the Home Office - removal or temporary admission into the UK. This is balanced against the competing pressures of safety, security, welfare needs and regime.

Our aim is to treat those in our care with dignity, decency, and respect, delivering a safe and healthy establishment which stands up to public scrutiny.

We operate in a high risk, high profile and heavily regulated environment engaging with numerous stakeholders including the Home Office and Medical Service delivery partners. In delivering our services, we help detainees understand what happens next, provide an environment for detainees to engage in activities relevant to them and create an environment in which detainees can reach out for support whilst building positive staff-detainee relationships. Our environment is one where positive behaviour is promoted in order to support the welfare of detainees and our staff.

Police Services

A leading custodial provider, delivering a range of services to 50 police custody suites across 14 forces:

  • custody healthcare
  • forensic clinical procedures
  • sexual assault referral centres (SARCs)
  • custodial detention services
  • integrated custody healthcare and liaison and diversion (L&D)

Our service lines adhere to Authorised Professional Practice, Police And Criminal Evidence Act and Faculty of Forensic Legal Medicine guidelines and are developed with full understanding of the Bradley Review; enabling us to understand the predominant mental health, learning disability, drug and alcohol needs of our detainee population.

Our services are delivered with an emphasis on quality, ensuring that all detainees in our care are kept safe and secure at all times. As part of the custodial services we deliver, our officers support the police in managing detainees brought into custody suites, providing tasks such as: booking in detainees, fingerprinting, searching, drug testing, DNA samples and maintaining the general cleanliness of the suite.

Our Healthcare Professional-led model is made possible due to the extensive training programme that has been developed in partnership with and accredited by Teesside University.

Investing in our people

To deliver the exceptional, every day, we need exceptional people and that’s why we’re committed to the development of our people through a comprehensive Learning & Development programme.

It’s vital that we support you to acquire the right skills and knowledge and continue to develop throughout your career with us. Find out more about the specific training requirements and opportunities within our business divisions below:

Learning & development with Police Services

  • Induction - Approximately 8 days 2 are classroom based/Teams and they then shadow with a SHCP to go through all of their competencies, no one starts practicing on their own until they are all signed off.
  • Forensic Training Course - A weeklong course with University credits which will consolidate all your knowledge. Includes a practical session with a court attendance.
  • Online training modules - Once the forensic training is completed there are additional mandatory training sections such as Intermediate Life Support, Breakaway Training, Safeguarding Level 3.
  • Additional training opportunities – This includes live masterclasses as well as Best Practice days which all staff can join live or watch them at a later date.
  • Localised training – Lead by our clinical leads, bimonthly training based around working in custody and the patients you come across.

There are always other opportunities to expand your network and your knowledge. For example, The F Files – our internal forensic podcast, join our research group, be involved in audits, or train to become an ILS instructor.

Recognising and rewarding our people

  • Mitie Stars - Our annual award scheme dedicated to recognising colleagues for their outstanding performance, passion and dedication. Each month our senior leadership teams review the nominations and award cash prizes to our most exceptional employees. At the end of the year the £250 winners are considered by our ELT for an annual award of £2,500, £5,000 or £10,000!
  • Long Service - We honour continuous service, so all your years of hard work and loyal service won’t be forgotten when you join us!
  • Diversity & Inclusion - We’re very proud of our rich and diverse culture and backgrounds. Everyone at Mitie has a voice and is treated equally. Our aim is to create a great place to work by attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and fostering a truly inclusive culture where everyone can bring their true selves to work.

We’re proud to be listed as number 6 on the UK Top 50 Inclusive Companies List and we have seven employee diversity networks to raise awareness, actively promote understanding and provide support for our people.